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Natural ability, a strong will, and intense determination has propelled KomposHER forward to this point in their career. While they have achieved so much, there’s still a great deal they want to accomplish in the world of music.


Meet the artist

A native of Orangeburg, South Carolina, KomposHER was born on January 12, 1989. A singer, songwriter, whose roots are quartet, started singing at the age of 3. At 6 years old she was singing with her siblings where she was introduced to her platform. She was the smallest, but the loudest, boldest little girl. The vivid dreams of one day seeing her name in lights stamped an impression on her heart that she's seeking to see come into fruition. 

“I was born to do this. Music is my gift literary and it didn’t come from my parents!” -KomposHER

KomposHER describes her music as a “mood”. A brain orgasm… “you gon’ feel it.” Her music opens you up, makes you think, shifts your perspective while vibing and feeling good all at once. For her, it falls into the genres of, but not limited to, R&B and Inspirational. She enjoys all genres of music, a variety pack, but her favorite vocalist is Brandy.

As an experienced singer, KomposHER was the lead background vocalist for Intensity Showband.

KomposHER is cool, laid back, comical, straightforward, and keeps it 100! She believes that it is important to be transparent, be open, be you.


Quotes that she lives by: "I’ll never let the enemy get next to the inner me" "I'm protecting my energy cause baby I’m so into me! "Know your worth and operate in it."


Plan, Execute, Repeat! 


"Too fast in the slow lane..." 

Mixed Material Geometric Shapes


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"What happens in the jungle is between you and me..." 


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Based in Columbia, South Carolina 

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